Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons in Peach on the Beach & Red Sunrise

These Bourjois Colour Boost lipsticks are a great example of a Chubby Stick inspired product done really well.  They promise vibrant colour and a melting, glossy texture, and they absolutely deliver.

I have two of the four shades here to swatch - Red Sunrise, a soft red, and Peach on the Beach, a peachy coral shade.

The format and packaging are pretty much the same as any lip crayon:  twist up, pointed end, colourful barrel.

Peach on the Beach is a lovely coral-y, peach-y pink which is a little bit of a twist on a natural pink lip.  The pigmentation is good, but the main reason I love it is the glossy shine - it looks fabulous, making the lips appear plumped up and cushiony.  Yes, some of the pigment settles into the lines on the lips, but unless people stare at your lips up close, it's not noticeable.

Red Sunrise is a little less glossy, but still has a nice sheen to it.  It's a soft, pinkish red which isn't too RED, but isn't underpowered either.  For me, this is exactly how to wear red in the summer - soft tint, not too overdone.

These lovely little sticks of colour are out now at Boots, costing a mere £7.99 - definitely a cheaper and more cheerful alternative to Chubby Sticks, and an absolute bargain for summer.  Both of mine are coming on summer holiday with me for a fuss-free bright lip.

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  1. How do they compare to the Revlon balm stains? I love the formula of the Revlon but the colour selection is a bit rubbish.

    1. I've not actually tried the Revlon balm stains! The colour range on these is pretty limited (although there are a few new shades coming for autumn), particularly compared to Chubby Sticks.


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