Friday, 2 August 2013

Nilens Jord eyeshadow in 625 Douce Lavender

I snaffled up this interesting purple taupe at Copenhagen airport during a recent trip. It's from Danish brand Nilens Jord, about which I knew pretty much nothing. (I'm just drawn like a magpie to new and interesting cosmetics, and this was my sole reason for buying.)

The packaging features some quasi-hieroglyphic illustrations, one of which is also stamped into the surface of the eyeshadow. The inside of the box also features small gilded hieroglyphs, which is a lovely little detail.

Inside the box is a fold-out leaflet featuring a range of other Nilens Jord products, a photo of a gloriously 90s-looking model, and a Facebook page promo.

The texture of this eyeshadow is gorgeous. It's feathery-light, very soft and finely-milled, and richly pigmented, going on extremely smoothly and blending well. Can't fault it at all.

I paid 100 Danish kroner for this eyeshadow. To buy this, you'd need to go via the Nilens Jord website, where it costs 16.78 euros, plus a 10 euro shipping charge.

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