Wednesday, 14 August 2013

New Avon Ultra Colour Lipsticks

As well as some chubby-a-like Lip Crayons, Avon have a whole new range of lipsticks out very soon.  Meet Ultra Colour Lipstick, which Avon claim gives a burst of long lasting colour whilst conditioning and softening the lips.

The packaging is a little on the cheap side, but if I'm paying £7.50 for a lipstick, I'd rather have cheap packaging and a quality product than the other way around.  There are little clear plastic windows on top of each lipstick, which helps you to pick out the colour you want if you have more than one of these in your collection.

The colours I have to swatch are Rose Quartz, Hot Pink, Hibiscus, Proper Pink, and Sparkling Nude.  There are a whopping 30 shades in the full collection, including the rather wonderfully named Wine With Everything (a sentiment which I heartily agree with).

Rose Quartz is a frosty, cool toned grey-mauve.  I think this shade belongs firmly in the 1990s - it reminds me of Heather Shimmer, which I loved when I was thirteen.  At thirty-ish, I now think it's pretty unflattering and a little dated.

Hot Pink is a super bright pink which leans a little blue.  It's not quite fuschia, but it's damn bright.  It also has a lovely glossy finish.

Hibiscus is my favourite - a soft, coral pink with a glossy finish and no shimmer.  It goes really well with bronzer, lashings of black mascara, and an otherwise pared down face in hot weather.

Proper Pink.  No.  Just don't.  Chalky strawberry milkshake lips don't look good on anyone.

Sparkling Nude is a fairly neutral toned beige with a sprinkling of white/silver shimmer.  Whilst this colour isn't for me, I can see it going well with a super smoky eye, if smoky eyes and nude sparkly lips are your thing.

Whilst the colours aren't all to my taste, these lipsticks boast a texture which punches well above it's £7.50 price point.  It's smooth, doesn't drag on application, feels almost cushiony moist on the lips, and still wears relatively well - you'll need to reapply every couple of hours.

If you're interested, you'll find these on the Avon website from August 22nd for a wallet-pleasing £7.50.  Just promise me you won't buy Proper Pink.

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