Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Meh: Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Quad

Avon's new True Colour collection includes lipsticks, lip crayons, and eyeshadows - today we'll be taking a look at the new eyeshadow quads.  Available in nine colourways, Avon promises "rich, saturated colour that glides on exactly as it looks in the palette".

The shades in each quad are numbered from one to four - and the back of the cardboard case gives you a basic idea of how to apply all four colours together, should you need a starting point.

Jeans is a collection of blue shades - from pale shimmering baby blue to a deeper denim.  I'm not sure that I'd apply #1 as a browbone highlight - bit too eighties - but I would apply it in the inner corner of the eye for a bit of brightness.

Unfortunately, Jeans doesn't really deliver on the promise of saturated colour - these swatches are fairly heavily done using the included sponge applicator, and I really struggled to get good payoff.

Metal Eyes is a collection of shimmering white, gold, bronze/brown, and pewter.

It's also pretty damn well pigmented.  All the shades swatch with a rich, buttery colour, with the white and gold shades having the most metallic sparkle to them.

Mod Muse is a lovely take on a mod-inspired neutrals palette.  It's predominantly grey, with a pretty pale pink included as well.

Again, the colours were a little too sheer for my liking.  Which is a shame, as that pink in the bottom left hand corner is absolutely gorgeous.  The #2 shade also turns out to have a little bit of a turquoise cast, which is pretty.

And finally, Stone Taupes.  I was most excited about this one - a collection of taupes with a multitude of undertones and finishes?  Count me in.

And again, the pigmentation is lacking.  The pinkish taupe is pretty but too sheer, and the browbone highlight shade is chalky.

I'm unfortunately quite disappointed in these quads.  They're being launched this month at Avon's website, and will cost a mere £9 - and I'd really hoped that they'd be impressive for the price.  Unfortunately not - of the four quads I tested, only Metal Eyes had any real pigment.  All four can be built up a little more if desired, but for me, having to build up colour in multiple layers is a no-no - particularly when the market is so full of pigmented eyeshadows.

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