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Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayons

Left to right: Carefree Coral, Risque Rose, Reddy For Me, Fresh Fuschia, Showstopper Pink

Avon have jumped on the Chubby Stick trend with their latest lip release, Ultra Colour Lip Crayons.  Unlike the original Chubby Stick, these crayons pack a powerful colour punch, with high pigmentation and lavish finishes.
Left to right: Carefree Coral, Risque Rose, Reddy For Me, Fresh Fuschia, Showstopper Pink
 Like Chubby Sticks, they're easy to apply thanks to the pointed end, and like Chubby Sticks, they twist up from the base.  However, that's pretty much where the similarities end.  Whilst there's no denying that these crayons are pigmented and deserving of the "ultra colour" name, they are not particularly comfortable to wear.  Observe:

Carefree Coral
Carefree Coral is a very bright, very intense coral with an almost metallic finish.  As you can kind of see on the photo above, it has a very thick, waxy texture - it sits on the lip, feels a little heavy, and transfers everywhere.

Risque Rose

Risque Rose is a really pretty pale pink with an unfortunate amount of glitter in the finish.  The glitter is quite large, making this a very sparkly look, but giving it a very gritty feeling on the lip.

Reddy For Me
Reddy For Me is one of the nicer textures in the collection - it's a creamy opaque red with a smattering of golden glitter.  It's not completely smooth on the lip, but it's not overly gritty.

Fresh Fuschia
Fresh Fuschia is actually not very fuschia-like.  It's more of a pink toned ruby red - again, very pretty, but with a bit too much gritty glitter.

Showstopper Pink
Showstopper Pink has no glitter in it, and is the most comfortable to wear of the bunch.  It's fairly thick on the lip, but it's not overly heavy or cloying.

Unfortunately I didn't get on with these crayons at all.  There are some interesting colours in the range, but most of them suffer from too much gritty glitter in the formula, or an overly heavy, waxy texture.  Which is a shame - Risque Rose would be so lovely if it wasn't so gritty, and I'd wear Reddy For Me more often if the sparkle particles were smaller.

If you'd like to give them a go, they're launching late September at the Avon website, and will cost a mere £7.50 each.

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