Saturday, 6 July 2013

Swatches: Sleek Pout Paint in Lava

Orange is my colour. When we get an orange-coloured sample, Gemma passes it straight over to me. I don't know why, but despite being a bold and strident colour quite at odds with my anxious and introverted personality, orange really works for me. So I was basically all over this Pout Paint in Lava when looking for a Third to make up a recent Superdrug 3 for 2 haul.

The Pout Paint product seems to be a direct descendant of the OCC Lip Tar, in that it's a small tube of thick liquid absolutely crammed with pigment. It's for lips and outwardly resembles a gloss, but has a fine nozzle instead of a slanted or doe-foot applicator, because like the Lip Tars, it's meant to be applied with a brush, because it's so pigmented.

Is it so pigmented? Well yes, but it's got nothing on the Lip Tars, applying more like Illamasqua's Intense glosses, with a bit more shine and slip than the "pure"-pigment OCC product. This will definitely wear off, and won't cling to your lips for hours, which is both a plus, given that it won't suck every bit of moisture out of your lips til they resemble orange crepe paper, but a minus in that it won't stick with you through a night out.


Lip swatches...

Pout Paints cost £4.99 or thereabouts, and come in a range of bright and not-so-bright shades. You can get them at most branches of Superdrug, or buy online from Sleek

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  1. Wow, the pigment is insane! Loving orange this summer.


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