Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review: Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette

Look at this lovely box.  Inside it there's a lovely eyeshadow palette and a mini version of Too Faced's lovely primer, Shadow Insurance.  The Return Of Sexy palette caught my eye in Boots a fair old while ago, and I resisted it, trying to tell myself that I already have 3867 eyeshadows and don't need more.  Like that was ever going to work.

Of course, I eventually caved, and I'm pretty glad I did (even if I do now have 3882 eyeshadows).  The palette casing is a hefty, solid affair, made of thick plastic and shutting very firmly.  It comes with a travel version of Too Faced's Shadow Insurance primer, which is just as good as Urban Decay's cult Primer Potion.

Inside the palette, you get fifteen eyeshadows and a black waterproof eyeliner.  They're themed; the bronze/brown shadows are the Ingenue, the purple/pinks the Icon, and the grey/silvers the Bombshell.

I particularly like how there are little cards to suggest application techniques tucked behind the generous mirror, one per shadow quintet, with day time and night time variations.  

The fifteen shadows on offer are pretty damn sparkly.  The top row are base colours and highlighters, making them somewhat sheerer and more soft than the others, which are uniformly highly pigmented and very sparkly.  The most metallic finish shadows are so soft and buttery that they're actually a bit crumbly - you have to be a little careful of fall out.

The Ingenue
The Ingenue features some very daytime appropriate browns, with a super dark brown with gold shimmer on the bottom right which can be used to smoke things up for evening.

The Icon
The Icon is probably my favourite colour selection, as I absolutely love a good purple.  And a good pink.  And bloody hell, that leftmost pink is amazing.  It's got an amazing metallic shimmer which works for day and night (if you like a lot of sparkle, which I do).  Again, the bottom right shadow is a liner shade, being a deep aubergine purple with mid-purple sparkle.  I find it quite interesting that there's a lilac-toned taupe thrown in there for good measure too.

The Bombshell
The Bombshell also has a super-high-shine-metallic finish shadow in the form of that silver on the left.  Again, the bottom right is an eyeliner, this time pure black with silver glitter.  The pinkish shade on the right works surprisingly well with the central subtle silver-grey.

Overall, I'm incredibly pleased with this palette - at around £38 it represents reasonable value given that you get fifteen shadows, primer, and eyeliner.  Pretty much everything you need for eyes apart from mascara.  I took this palette with me on a work trip, and found it perfect for travel - the packaging is hardy and protects the soft shadows within, and the variety included makes it easy to eke a week's worth of looks out of a single palette.

Find it at BeautyBay, where it's currently on offer for a mere £32.34.  RUN, DON'T WALK!

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  1. WOW!!! awesome colours...i agree...the middle one is gorgeous!!
    p.s..i am looking forward to see you in my blog!! :)

    1. The purple's my favourite too!

  2. ahhh this palette is so gorgeous! just going to try to convince myself that I don’t need anymore eyeshadows as well heheheh :D
    Big hugs <3

    1. You do need more eyeshadows! You do! Even if you don't, what's need got to do with it... ;)


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