Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Review: Tom Ford Private Blend Shanghai Lily

Tom Ford recently released four new Private Blend fragrances in a collection entitled Atelier d’Orient.  All four fragrances make use of exotic scents, and whilst the four fragrances are all distinct, they share a rich, spicy undertone.

I went to sniff all four and from the notes was convinced that I'd probably prefer Plum Japonaise, based on the une plum.  I quickly found that whilst I loved the plum note, I could smell a distinct waft of aniseed, which is something I can't abide.  Unusually for me, I found myself being drawn to Shanghai Lily, the floriental of the collection.

Immediately after spritzing, you get an intense burst of lily which then quickly deepens and matures with a touch of spice.  For a good five minutes after application, the scent is sheer and subtle, with a faint waft of flowers and the warmth of spice and vanilla, but as it develops on the skin it develops a rich, warm tone with a little frankincense in the background.

Despite the presence of such intense, spicy notes, Shanghai Lily isn't an overpowering scent.  In fact, it's rather subtle, lingering on the skin for a few hours before fading away.  It's not the sort of scent that turns your head when you walk past someone wearing it (unlike my current favourite, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille) - it's more like a fleeting trace of scent worn by an elegant woman brushing past you.

Find it at Selfridges, where a 50ml bottle costs a staggeringly expensive £140.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. *drools* I wish I could justify a TF perfume!

    1. I think they're worth the cash if you're looking for something unusual but still quite accessible. I'm definitely replacing my Tobacco Vanille when it runs out - it's just so me, it's worth the cost to me. They are damn expensive though!


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