Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review: & Other Stories Rose Revival Body Scrub and Body Wash

My mini-spree at & Other Stories included two of their colour eyeshadows, and two of their bath and body products - Rose Revival Body Scrub and Body Wash.  I was attracted to them thanks to their simple, pretty packaging, and because of the number of different scent variations available - there's Rose Revival, Morrocan Tea, Shinjuku Bloom, Pink Bouquet, Lemon Daydream, Couture Carnival, Frozen Verbena, Fig Fiction, and Equatorial Dreams.  Plenty for even the most determined scrub user to work through.

Anyway, back to Rose Revival - the packaging describes the scent as "pressed pink rose petals in an old cedar chest".  There are also notes of green pear and magnolia in the mix, which prevents it from being a straight-up rose scent, giving it a little freshness and depth as well.

The body wash is a bit of a let down for me - it doesn't foam a lot, even with a body puff.  But the body scrub is a thing of glory - it has an unusual jelly texture which prevents it from disintegrating immediately in the shower, and helping it to spread easily across the skin.  As it's sugar based, it polishes the skin well without being too abrasive.  Love it.

The Body Wash is £5, and the Body Scrub is £7 - and I'd definitely recommend the scrub, its one of the nicest things I've used for the price recently.  I've got my beady eye on Fig Fiction next.

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