Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Review: Guerlain Gloss d'Enfer

These beauties are Guerlain's Gloss d'Enfer.  Which means GLOSS OF HELL.  Quite a melodramatic name (for a lipgloss), and a bit of a juxtaposition since they're actually rather heavenly.  C'mon, you saw that pun coming a mile off.

These three colours are Candy Strip, Prune Zip, and Pink Clip.  I like that they rhyme, which is a coincidence given the colours I received - the full twenty shade lineup all have cartoon strip action-noise inspired names.  One of them is called Browny Clap.  Yes, really.

The thick, solid packaging contains a lovely, richly shiny gloss which has that slippy, moist texture which just glides onto the lips without being sticky or cloying at all.  A fairly standard doe's foot applicator gets the gloss from tube to your mush.

Candy Strip, Prune Zip, Pink Clip
And as you can see, it's a pretty damn shiny gloss.  The pigmentation is also rather good - these glosses don't give a whisper of colour, but they're not as intense as a liquid lipstick.  Here's how they look on the lip.

Candy Strip
Candy Strip is a lovely rich coral pink.  Of the three, it's probably the most densely pigmented.

Prune Zip
Prune Zip looks like a deep plum in the tube, but it's actually a plum pink colour which is fairly sheer in terms of pigment.

Pink Clip
Pink Clip is also a little more on the sheer side - it's a pale candy pink with a very subtle golden shimmer.

Now, I'm a confirmed lipstick girl - I only own a couple of glosses and if I'm honest, I rarely wear them.  These, though... they've been on my lips every single day since they arrived.  They're comfortable, shiny without being plasticy, leave my lips feeling great, and they also last very well - the colour sticks around for a good three or four hours, with the shine dimming but still looking lush.  They're very, very good, and I'd recommend you give them a go even if you're not a fan of gloss.

You'll find these at Escentual, where they cost £17.60 each - spendy, yes, but less than I thought they'd be for the quality, and well worth it.

Disclosure: PR sample

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