Friday, 12 July 2013

Quick Pick: Orico London Little Love Baby Skin Balm

This Orico London Baby Skin Balm is an intense, thick ointment which has incredible moisturising and protecting properties.  When it first arrived, I tried it as a hand cream - bad move, it's way too thick and sticky for that.  Applied to cuticles or dry patches, though, it's perfect.  The texture is similar to Vaseline - it won't absorb immediately, with the balm forming a protective and somewhat sticky layer on top of the skin, providing intense hydration for hours after application.

I've used it on a particularly persistent dry flaky patch underneath my eye, and within a couple of days it was back to normal.  Whilst this isn't the kind of product I'll be using every day, I've stashed it in the bathroom cabinet for dealing with any other dry patches.  Find it online at the Orico website, where a large 125ml tube costs a mere £11.

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