Monday, 8 July 2013

NOTD: MUA All Nude

My workmate arrived at the office the other day with white nail polish on and it looked damn good. So obviously, I copied her. And I did it on the cheap.

All Nude by MUA (that quid-a-job Superdrug bargain brand) is an ever-so-slightly off-white creme. It's roughly the colour of whole milk.

Despite costing £1, it applies reasonably and wears really very well. These photos are after 4 days of wear, and though there's minor chipping and cracking of the polish, it's still impressively intact.

I was expecting to be rewarded with a runny gloopy translucent mess for my tight-fisted buying choices, but actually this is thick enough to provide opacity in 3 coats, without too much pooling or dragging. It's
a genuine bargain. I just hope Essie can forgive them for the egregious flaunting of intellectual property rights.

MUA Nail Polish in All Nude, £1 for 6.2ml, available at Superdrug and from MUA online

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