Friday, 5 July 2013

New Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Products

Bare Minerals have recently released a whole new range of lip products, including lipsticks, lip liners, and glosses.  They're branded "Marvelous Moxie" - moxie being a word which refers to having plenty of sass and spirit.  I guess it's more of an American thing.  

The products come in sleek black packaging which isn't particularly exciting, although it does sport some interesting design features - angled lids on all three products, and a click-to-release button on the lipstick.

I was sent a lipgloss in Smooth Talker, a shimmering golden pink; a lipstick in Call the Shots, a true blue-tred; and a lip liner in Electrified, a deep plum.

As you might expect, the lipgloss is sheer but still has a reasonable amount of colour to it, and the lipstick and lipliner are highly pigmented.

The Smooth Talker lipgloss promises a refreshing formula and satiny-smoothness.  I agree on both counts - it's a slippy, moist lipgloss, but it isn't sticky.  On the refreshing side, it has a very cool minty flavour to it which some might find overpowering.  In fact, the Moxie gloss reminds me very much of the original Bare Minerals lipgloss formula - I can't actually see much different between the set I received as a gift a while ago, and the new gloss.

Electrified lipliner is an intense plum liner, and it's high pigmentation comes at a cost - it's pretty damn draggy to apply.  Lips have to be in perfect condition before you apply, or the dry formula will highlight every little bit of dryness.

Electrified liner with a bit of Smooth Talker on top looks far more appealing - more moist, more vampy, less dry.  This'd be a great combination for autumn/winter.

Call the Shots lipstick is exactly up my alley - a bright, true blue-red with a lovely satin finish.  It's densely pigmented, achieving full opacity in one swipe, and the formula is slippy and comfortable even after it's set down.  

And finally, this is what happens if you try to wear red lipstick, plum liner, and pink gloss all at once.  I emphasised the outline of my lips with Electrified over a base of Call the Shots for a subtle gradient effect, and then popped a bit of Smooth Talker in the centre of my lower lip.

You'll find the new Marvelous Moxie products at Bare Minerals stockists now.  The lipliners cost £13, the lipsticks £16, and the glosses £16.

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