Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mini-haul: MAC 168 Brush, Soft & Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish, Plum Foolery Blush

I picked up a few bits and pieces from MAC on a recent work trip to Seattle.  I've not bought any products from MAC in a long, long time - like all makeup lovers I went through a phase of buying up pieces from every new collection, but after I realised I was effectively buying the same stuff over and over again, I gave up.  I've retained a love for their Mineralise Skinfinishes, though - and when I popped into Nordstrom to pick one up, I couldn't resist a blush and a new brush too.

The MAC 168 brush is a slanted blush brush which gives you precision and control when applying to the cheeks.  The bristles are very, very soft and dense.

I chose to pick up the Sheertone Shimmer blush in Plum Foolery as well as Soft and Gentle Mineralise Skinfinish.

Plum Foolery is a rich, cool plum with golden shimmer.

Soft and Gentle is a shimmering champagne with veins of deeper bronze and softer gold.  It makes a beautiful highlighter, provided you use a soft touch, because...

Left to right: Plum Foolery, Soft and Gentle
Soft and Gentle is extremely shimmery, with an almost metallic gleam.  The MUA at Nordstrom really layered it up on my cheekbones, and it was only after I got back to my hotel after dinner that I realised I had an almost robotic cheekbone-shine going on.  Plum Foolery is also pretty shimmery, but it's not as intense as Soft and Gentle.  Both are well pigmented, softly textured, and easy to blend.

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  1. OMG!!! they are both so pretty. Love the shades for they look light and natural. they will def match my skin tone. I'll check on these two.


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