Thursday, 27 June 2013

Urban Decay Rebound Build-Your-Own Palette and Moondust Shadows

So, Urban Decay have a new, very pretty create-your-own eyeshadow palette out.  This is my first time trying out their new, easy to depot and move around system, and I'm definitely attracted by the subtly coloured design on the sturdy metal tin.  It almost reminds me of tattoo designs, albeit less brightly coloured.

Top row: Stargazer, Desperation (matte satin)
Bottom row: Glitter Rock, Diamond Dog

This review also includes a peek at the Moondust shadows, which aren't particularly new themselves but are definitely new to me.  Score two for new things, yay.

Urban Decay describe these eyeshadows as having "intense hues, microfine sparkle and lush, 3D metallics".  Here we have Stargazer, described as lime-gold; Glitter Rock, described as metallic pink, and Diamond Dog (which clearly has the best name), described as deep brown. The one in the top right hand corner, by the way, is Desperation, a plain old normal shadow, with a matte-satin finish.  However, it's also taupe, which makes me immediately love it.

The pans snap out of their casing and into the palette with extreme ease.  I recommend using something like a table knife to gently prise them out - the plastic surrounds are hefty and durable, and feel like they'll withstand plenty of popping in and out of palettes.

Left to right:  Stargazer, Desperation, Glitter Rock, Diamond Dog
Swatched, you can see that the Moondust shadows have an incredibly sparkly finish which is very, very eyecatching.  These are finger swatches - and indeed, Urban Decay recommend applying them with the fingers rather than with a brush.  I'd agree with them - applying with a brush can result in a fair bit of sparkle falling onto the cheekbones, which is very annoying.

Desperation is also a lovely colour - I do love a good taupe, and this one is stormy and dark and intensely pigmented.  It also works absolutely beautifully as a base colour with some Diamond Dog applied on top of it.

Smouldering, eh?  If you enlarge this photo, you can see the way that Diamond Dog catches the light - it's very pretty.  And very noticeable - if you like your sparkle subtle, the Moondust shadows aren't for you.

Overall, I'm impressed - both with the create your own system and with the Moondust shadows.  The palette costs you £8 at BeautyBay (don't be misled by the photo, I'm pretty sure it comes completely empty).  The Moondust eyeshadows are £14 each, and Desperation is currently a mere £12.60 in the BeautyBay sale.

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