Saturday, 1 June 2013

NOTD: Pashmina Pink and Mohair Khaki from & Other Stories

H&M's new offshoot store "& Other Stories" has been open on Regent Street for a while now, offering a range of clothing, shoes, jewellery and makeup/skincare bits. Some of the jewellery is beautiful and very original, although to me the clothing seems a little bland. (I've never pretended to know much about fashion, though.) The Regent Street shop has a more upmarket, boutiquey feel than H&M itself

- and thankfully it doesn't have that reek of cheap vanilla air freshener that H&M pumps through all its stores.

There's quite a wide range of nail polish shades, each one packaged with a paper wrapping with the name in a nice serif font. The shade names sound a bit like colours on a paint chart.

I picked out Pashmina Pink, a dreamy sort of pearlised pale (although not Barbie-esque) pink, and Mohair Khaki, a pearlised army green. Each one costs £5.

The polishes are moderately sheer and both required 3 coats for acceptable opacity. The brushes have a rounded tip and are flattened, which makes application easy.

Wear-wise, these achieved about 4 days (with topcoat and basecoat) before starting to crack and chip. I'd say the quality is about what you'd expect for the price.

These are definitely worth checking out as a well-priced option for a pretty selection of shades.

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