Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lip of the Day: Dior Diorific Lipstick in Diorella

I bought myself a(nother) red lipstick the other day, using some Boots Advantage Card points that were just begging to be spent.  This is Diorific Lipstick in Diorella, by Dior.  Dior Dior Dior.  I don't think Dior could get the word Dior in any more in the name of this Dior lipstick.  Dior.

It's a beautiful shade of red, not being too shouty, not being too insipid - just a lovely rosy muted red.  The pigmentation in the Diorific formula is amazing - a single swipe of the bullet gives fully opaque colour.  The high pigmentation doesn't cost you moisture, either - it's a plush, rich texture which doesn't dry out even once the colour has set down.  It also lasts brilliantly, giving around six hours of rich colour before it fades.  

The packaging is also beautiful - the lipstick casing is very unusual, and depending on your state of mind could look a little, um, naughty.  Or otherwise like a miniature clothes toggle.  It's super, super shiny - if you look closely, you'll see a perfect reflection of me taking a photo of the lipstick in my garden.

I'm really enjoying using this new addition to my lipstick collection.  The formula is fabulous and the packaging is just pure luxe.  I think I might investigate a few more shades.... even if the word Dior no longer means anything because I've written it so many times.

You'll find Dior's Diorific lipstick at Escentual where it'll cost you around £22, which is £4 cheaper than I paid in Boots (albeit in points).  Dior.

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