Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tutorial: Contour and Highlight with YSL Touche Eclat Vanille Lumiere and Rose Lumiere

I recently had a makeover with one of YSL's global makeup artists, who hailed from Dubai.  Her makeup style was so different to mine - she wore bright lips, smoky eyes, and her face was impeccably contoured.  After she applied my foundation, she took me through using two shades of Touche Eclat to add subtle dimension to the face.  Needless to say, I found it really interesting and thought I'd try to reproduce it, step by step, at home to see what you think.

Left to right: Vanille Lumiere #2.5, Rose Lumiere #1

Touche Eclat now comes in a number of different shades; Rose Lumiere is the original highlighter shade, shown on the right of this swatch, and Vanille Lumiere is a newer shade designed for fair skin with neutral undertones.  In my makeover, I was shown how to use the lighter, brighter Rose Lumiere as a highlighter, and use the darker Vanille Lumiere shade for a subtle contour.

The above photo shows my face before I begun.  I'm wearing a spot of foundation, and have filled my eyebrows in so that they vaguely match my hair.

I apply Vanille Lumiere to areas I want to contour - underneath my chin, the sides of my nose, and under my cheekbones.  I also apply a little under my eyes, using the peach tones of Vanille Lumiere to neutralise my blue-ish dark circles.

Vanille Lumiere all blended in.  My undereye circles already look better.

I apply Rose Lumiere to the areas I want to highlight and bring forward: the tops of my cheekbones, my browbones, the cupid's bow at top of my top lip, and the bridge of my nose.  I also apply a little under my eyes and to the inner corners to brighten them, and a little bit in the crease under my lip caused by my chin.  Apparently this will stop it from looking quite as deep; if you have noticeable smile lines, applying the highlighting shade to them will help them fade into the rest of the skin.

With Rose Lumiere all blended in.  My skin looks bright and even.  Yippee.

And finally, a comparison - before face on the left, and after face on the right.  The difference is very subtle, but I think that the after face is slightly more defined.  It's not the sort of thing I'd do every morning, but for a special occasion when you know there'll be a lot of photographs taken, it's a little more appropriate.

What do you think?  Is there a difference?  Is this something you'd try?

Disclosure: Touche Eclat shades used are PR samples

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