Thursday, 2 May 2013

Swatches: Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows in Rose Gold and Light in Purple

I picked up these Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows recently in Boots during a 3 for 2 event.  I chose Rose Gold, a pretty shimmering rose, and Light in Purple, a very interesting blue/purple duochrome colour - something I've never seen before on the high street.  Color Tattoo eyeshadows claim to stay put for up to 24 hours - not quite sure why anyone would want to wear eyeshadow for that long, but hey.

They have a creamy, emollient texture which blends easily before setting down.  You get around a minute before the texture becomes unblendable.

You can see the blue/purple duochrome effect here around the edges of the shadow in the pot.  

Sadly, the duochrome doesn't really carry over onto the skin - Light in Purple swatches as a bright, shimmering blue - I look forward to layering it under deeper colours.  Rose Gold is a pretty but not particularly unique colour, somewhat like Pink Zinc Shadow Paint by Estee Lauder, just a little pink-er.

I've been reaching for Rose Gold a lot recently, as it's such a wearable colour which makes for an interesting alternative to beige as a partner to a strong lip or cheek.  Wear wise, these are like iron over primer for me - sadly my oily lids break down the colour within five hours without primer.  Stupid oily lids.

At only £4.99, these little cream shadows are damn good - great pigmentation, lovely texture, and fantastic wear (for those without stupid oily lids).  Definitely worth picking a few up next time you're at Boots or Superdrug.

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  1. These look gorgeous! I especially like the rose gold.

  2. I tried one in Taupe and I really liked it :)

  3. I tried one in Taupe and I really liked it :)

  4. can u post a pic of your eyes wearing the blue shade

    1. Hi Althea! I will try to do a swatch now :)


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