Monday, 27 May 2013

Review: Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Illamasqua's summer 2013 collection broke the mould, as usual - the Paranormal collection is surprisingly smoky and intense for summer.  So far, so Illamasqua.  One product, though, marks a new endeavor for the brand - Hydra Veil is a skincare / primer hybrid which offers plenty of hydration with a super lightweight texture.

Inside the sleek black packaging, an inner lid ensures that the product inside won't dry out.  There's also a little spoon, which you'll need to scoop up some of the product.  Although this is a totally necessary step to keep the product moist and aid application, it does make for a bit of fiddlyness.

Hydra Veil, stirred up with the spoon, has a strangely frogspawn like texture.  Given a few hours, though, the churned up bobbly gel texture settles back down to a solid gel texture - the air bubbles meander to the surface and pop out.

Anyway, interesting texture aside, the product itself is pretty amazing.  It's a very light gel which disappears into the skin very quickly, yet still manages to keep the skin hydrated for a matter of hours.  It also controls oil at the same time, and I've found that my foundation stays on better when I'm wearing this underneath.  It also provides an incredibly smooth base for blending foundation over - definitely makes a difference.

At £27, this is an expensive primer option - but given that it's part skincare, part makeup essential, it's a price I'd be happy to pay again.  If your skin type craves hydration but still gets oily during the day, this is a great way of balancing out hydration with natural oils.  Find it now at the Illamasqua website.

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  1. oh my goddess! I must have some! I swear it sounds so decadent on the skin I can almost ignore that it does indeed look like frog eggs! I can't wait til I get paid to buy some!


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