Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Repurchase of the week: By Terry Sheer Expert foundation

It might cost an eye-watering £44, but I firmly believe this foundation is worth every penny, and I was glad to  part with the cashola to replace my PR sample tube this week. Two main reasons:

1. It matches my skintone fantastically. The colour is just the right mix of warm and cool to create an utterly natural, luminous finish, and in comparison pretty much every other foundation I own looks either yellow or ashy. And despite being a dyed-in-the-wool  paleface, I am - get this - NOT EVEN THE LIGHTEST SHADE. The colours seem geared to European Caucasian skintones (although you're likely out of luck if you have dark or Asian skin unfortunately).

2. It is both light and moisturising. Unlike many foundations (of all stripes, prices and finishes), it doesn't highlight dry patches or get bunched up around blemishes. Due to some magical confection of silicones and hyaluronic acid, it produces the sort of flawless, moisturised effect you get with primers. Except you don't have to bother with one, You just whap this on and away you go.

Bonus features include smelling nice (if you like roses, which I mostly do), coming in a very practical squeezy tube, and looking all luxey and pleasing in your makeup bag.

By Terry is stocked in Space NK and there's a display in most branches, so this is pretty easy to swatch if you live in London. If you don't, you may have to take my word for it that this stuff is the absolute business.

If you need more convincing, see Gemma's original review of it from 2011

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  1. You had me right up until the scent - I'm allergic to roses. :-( Too bad as otherwise it sounds exactly like what I am looking for in a foundation! Ah, well, the search continues.


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