Friday, 10 May 2013

REN Moroccan Rose Otto gets an update

The much-loved Moroccan Rose Otto bathing / bodycare range from REN is getting a packaging update. Breaking slightly from the rest of the REN line, the rosey goods will soon have an intricate geometric pattern on both the outer box and the product packaging itself.

The design is inspired by art from the Moroccan region in which the roses are grown - a handful of valleys where the flowers are hand-picked and locally distilled. Apparently it takes 10,000 rose petals to make a bottle of the Moroccan Rose Otto bath oil. (I now imagine a huge mountain of blossoms being shovelled into an alembic every time I dash a bit of this into the bathtub.)

Here's a comparison showing the new packaging for the shower gel beside my current bottle of the bath oil. As you can see, the silver-embellished rosette design is much more elaborate, although the rose design on the inner flaps of the box has been lost.

Personally I really like the new look, and it seems an appropriate reflection of the product line's runaway cult success to give it a bit of special treatment.

The new packaging isn't on shelves yet but should be soon. There's also a new addition to the line coming in September.

What do you think? An improvement?

Disclosure - new packaging items are PR samples. Bath oil bought by me.

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  1. Replies
    1. Me too. I love the scent more though, and luckily that hasn't changed.

  2. Looks Great! You are always turning me onto great stuff! Makes me want to go visit the UK to see all the prettys you guys have!

  3. Jen, you're in luck!


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