Friday, 31 May 2013

Lip of the Day: Illamasqua Posture

Illamasqua's newest collection, Paranormal, has two lipsticks in it, both shades of purple - ESP, a rich violet, and this shade; Posture, a grey-lilac.  Both have a matte, almost chalky finish, and when I first saw them I had some serious doubts I'd be able to wear either.

I was lucky enough to bring Posture home from the launch, and I immediately photographed it and slapped it on my lips.

Unfortunately, as I expected, it looks awful against my pink-toned skin.  The texture is quite dry, and the lipstick drags against the lips until it warms up.  I've seen the shade work on some others - Alice from Super Gorgeous, for example, wears it brilliantly as a twist on a nude lip - but to be honest I suspect most will struggle with this shade.  If you're curious, try it on in store before you commit - the £16.50 price tag makes this a product you won't want to buy before you try!

Disclosure: PR sample

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