Friday, 26 April 2013

Treatment Review: Celgenics Facial with Marian Bourne

A few weeks ago I trundled down to a quiet suburban street in Wimbledon for a Celgenics facial with the founder of the brand, Marian Bourne.  I'll admit I was enticed into sampling the facial by the lure of a Beauty Bible recommendation - the Celgenics Eye Essential was rated very highly by the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible for having a noticeable effect on the eye area.  I'd assumed that the range was a high science, high tech affair with lots of research and complicated ingredients.

I was completely wrong.  My initial consultation with Marian shattered any such scientific illusions - Marian is a nutritionist, kinesiologist and cranio sacral practitioner and her work falls firmly into the "alternative therapy" bucket.  Given that I'm an engineer by day and remain deeply sceptical of anything claiming to harness non-specific "energy", I started to wonder whether the Celgenics facial would be a good fit for me and my cynical skin.

As it turns out, it absolutely was.  The treatment is a good hour and a half long and surprisingly makes use of few of the Celgenics skincare products (meaning that the upsell is pretty much non-existent: very refreshing).  Instead, it focuses heavily on facial massage.  Marian's strong fingers pinched and rolled my skin centimetre by centimetre, concentrating on the contours of the face and expression lines.  Marian also used a "cold laser" to beam light into the skin.

Despite my cynicism, my skin looked incredible in the days after the facial - I wore barely any foundation and found that my jawline was more strongly defined, and my frown and smile lines were significantly softened.  I suspect that the hour-long facial massage played a major part in the effect.

All in all, I was impressed by the results I saw from my facial, and I'd definitely consider returning in the run up to a special occasion.  You can find out more by calling Marian on 020 8542 7907 or visiting the Celgenics website.

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