Monday, 15 April 2013

Swatches: Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors

These pretty little candy coloured tubes are new shades of Clarins' Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.  They may have a long name, but they're quite simple, really - they're moisturising balms which add a soft wash of glossy, milky colours to the lips.

Left to right: Rosewood Shimmer, Candy Shimmer, Petal Shimmer
 The soft squeezy tubes dispense the balm through a sponge tip applicator.  This packaging works well with the sheer colours to make for a product which is easy to use on the go - no need for a mirror, you can apply them directly from the tube to the lips.

If you like your lip products unscented, these probably aren't for you - they have a fairly strong, sweetish fragrance.  It doesn't hang around once applied, luckily.

And now for some swatches.

Rosewood Shimmer

Candy Shimmer

Petal Shimmer
I'm slightly perplexed by the use of "shimmer" in the shade names, as they're actually not shimmery at all.  All three are milky, with Candy Shimmer being the strongest in colour, and even then it's pretty soft.

As you might expect, they're not the longest lasting lip look in the world; the balm is absorbed within an hour or so and the colour disappears with it.

Overall, these are lovely if you like a natural lip - they're all particularly great paired with heavier eye makeup, and are much, much less maintenance than my usual high pigment lipstick.  Perfect for lazy days.  Find them now at the Clarins website where they'll cost you a rather spendy £17 each.

Disclosure: PR samples

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  1. I have Candy Shimmer and I'm addicted - it's perfect with my natural lip color, and it smells amazing!


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