Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Review: Invati Botanical Hair and Scalp Treatment at the Aveda Institute

A few weeks ago I trundled down to the Aveda Institute in Holborn for an Invati Botanical Hair and Scalp Treatment, which promises to refresh and invigorate the scalp using Aveda's Invati range, designed to target thinning hair and give a fuller, thicker feeling.

Arriving a little early, I plonked myself down in Le Pain Quotidien for a cup of coffee and a quiet half hour of reading my book.  The cafe is situated inside the Aveda Institute, which means it gets the full benefit of the lovely herbal Aveda scents wafting in the air, and after a bit of me-time I just walked through to the main salon.

After donning an oh-so-sexy black hairdressing robe, my treatment started with an application of an invigorating scalp potion and a short massage to work it into my scalp and the roots of my hair.  The sounds of the busy salon faded away as the stylist gave my head a very firm and very relaxing working over.

Scalp massage finished, I was led to the sink where my hair was very thoroughly washed and conditioned with Invati products.  The shampoo is slightly exfoliating, and it was applied twice and massaged in for minutes after it had been lathered up - likewise, the conditioner was applied from root to tip and massaged in some more.

My freshly washed hair and I then took a seat back in the main salon, and after an application of the Invati scalp treatment, I was treated to an absolutely excellent blow dry.  I requested smoothness and volume, and my hair was gloriously smooth, shiny, bouncy and flicky afterwards.  Here's some terrible camera phone photo evidence:

So, the verdict?  I'm not sure I would really count this as a treatment - it's more of a souped up blow dry.  At £50, it's a relatively expensive indulgence, but my hair really did look and feel fabulous, and the blow dry lasted for four days before I needed dry shampoo to prolong it's lifetime - which is virtually unheard of for my hair, which is usually oily after two days.  I'd definitely indulge again for a special occasion.

A final word to the wise - the original PR release for this treatment had it at £60 for 60 minutes, the Aveda spa menu has it at £60 for 75 minutes, and my treatment would have been charged at £50 for 45 minutes.  So if you do decide to indulge in this rather lovely treatment, make sure you confirm the price and duration with reception when you book.

Disclosure: Treatment provided free of charge for review purposes


  1. Good review. Aveda does have some great hair products although their skincare products do halt behind. Millions have been used to set up their Covent garden salon, and it is very beautiful.

    1. It is indeed a beautiful space - the blowdries and haircuts being done around me were of a very high standard indeed :)


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