Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quick Pick: Bioderma Micelle Solutions

The legend that is Bioderma micellar water has exploded onto the UK beauty market, and unsurprisingly it sold out almost immediately.  I've recently tried micellar waters from both new Superdrug brand B. and Melvita, and I wasn't really expecting the Bioderma waters to be much different.


Where the B. and Melvita waters effectively cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling light and almost as if nothing had been near it in the first place, Bioderma cleanses incredibly efficiently and leaves skin feeling absolutely naked the second you remove the cotton pad from the surface of the skin.  The B. cleansing water leaves a slight almost toner-like refreshed, tingy feeling, and the Melvita cleansing water is super softening, but the Bioderma water is just nothing.

If you ever do your makeup, then decide it's wrong and you should start again, Bioderma cleansing waters will leave the skin immediately ready for more skincare / makeup.  If you swatch a lot, you'll find Bioderma removes swatches effectively and leaves the skin looking as if no makeup was there in the first place.  If you just plain like a good, unobtrusive cleanser, you'll probably love it.

I'm well aware I'm sounding gushy but I truly wasn't expecting to notice such a big difference between this, the original micellar water, and the others I've tried.  Instant love.

Find it at Escentual, with varieties available for sensitive, normal to dry skin and oilier skin - I particularly like the travel friendly 100ml size, which is a snip at £4.50.  A more bathroom friendly 250ml bottle will cost you £9.99.  When they're back in stock, of course.

Disclosure: PR samples


  1. I'm currently using the B. micellar water and don't like it too much unfortunately. I'm looking forward to giving Bioderma a go. Thanks for comparing them in your review. :)

  2. I have been advised by my dermatologist to use BIODERMA SENSIBIO H2O and I don't change it for any other cleansing system! It's incomparable! It leaves the skin of the face and the eyes soft and smooth and with no traces of make up.

  3. They are incredibly famous and are worth any penny paid for, I agree.

  4. I've tried a myriad of micellar solutions over the last year and I have to say nothing quite compares to Bioderma. I really didn't like the B. one at all!

  5. Still more than twice as expensive as in France, so if you're heading over there and you like them (I cannot do without the sensitive one, have been using it for more than 4 years), try to find the double packs - a pack of two 500 mL ones, around 17EUR so excellent value compared to the UK... Oh and did I say how amazing these are?!

  6. I've been using Bioderma for the last four years and it's got to be the best eye make-up remover ever. I get absolutely no stinging or sensitivity from it and it's a fantastic quick skin cleanser. I have to wash my face with Philosophy Purity or use a cleansing balm to get off sunscreen at the end of the day, or I'll get breakouts, but in the morning or in winter when I don't bother with sunscreen, Bioderma is absolutely fine. And I keep a little bottle in my handbag along with some cotton pads to give my sweaty, sticky face (yuck, what a nasty image! sorry!) a wipe over during the day.
    I've tried a lot of other micellars, but Bioderma is far and away the best.


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