Tuesday, 30 April 2013

NOTD: Revlon "Moon Dust" Moon Candy nail polish

Revlon's got flakies. Yes indeed. The new Moon Candy polishes are double-ended kits (a la Andrea Fulerton), each with an opaque base colour and a clear top-coat filled with iridescent flakes.

I've seen several Revlon Nails displays around London in the last week with the slots for Moon Candy polishes ransacked and empty, but finally I struck lucky on Oxford Street and bagged this one - Moon Dust. It's got a thick and pigmented patent black base coat, and flakes of a gold-green-blue duochrome hue.

The finish is bumpy, bordering on scratchy in places. The flakes aren't the soft, flexible leaf used in some polishes, and are more like the spiky shards found in Models Own's Mirrorball polishes. Be aware when applying that they will stick occasional sharp edges up through the finished manicure even with topcoat. But it's easily fixed with judicious use of tweezers once the polish is on.

The compliments are strong with this one, mostly from cashiers whose notice is caught during the exchange of coins. I also mesmerised a baby with the shinies in the queue at Ikea.

For £7.99, these are a fun treat and I'm going to be picking up more shades as and when I see them - not least because I think the flakey top coats could be used with lots of other colours as bases.

Wear has been somewhat "eh", with some serious tipwear after a couple of days and some cracking around the points where my nails flex, but I like the effect enough not to mind at all.

If you fancy trying them, they're in bigger branches of Boots, found on the Revlon Nails stands.

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  1. I bought one of these when they were brand new on the market in the US and found that the glittery polish had a tendency to eat through the bottom layer if you tried to fiddle enough with the brush to lay all the shards flat on your nail. Even after a full 24 hour dry time for two layers of bottom coat! Does it still have that problem or did they fix the formula?

  2. Interesting... I didn't notice anything like that, but i wasn't arranging the shards too carefully tbh. I'll keep an eye out next time i wear this.


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