Wednesday, 10 April 2013

NOTD: Invogue Parakeet (Nails Inc feather dupe)

Imagine my surprise when I saw yet another high-end polish dupe sitting bold as brass on the shelf in Stratford Superdrug. This is starting to become a real phenomenon.
These "feather" polishes are about as close to Nails Inc's versions as you can get without actually printing Nails Inc branding on the bottle. They don't have the beautiful avian-themed designs on the lids, true, but inside the bottle, the tiny filaments suspended in clear polish are pretty much identical.

There are 4 in the Invogue feather range - Parakeet, with peach, yellow and blue feathers, is the one I picked up first, although I also later snagged a bottle of Jaye Bird (blue and white). You can also (if you're quick, these are popular) get Sunset (peach and white) and On the Money (green and yellow) Invogue feather polishes, each costing £3.49 in Superdrug.

Nails Inc's line-up cost a decidedly-more-pricey £11 a piece, and reiterate the colourways above, with different names obv. Peach, yellow and blue is Chester, peach and white is York, and blue and white is Cornwall. There's also a fifth Nails Inc feather colourway, which is a beautiful peach and pale blue mix called Edinburgh.

Nails Inc also do some very interesting DIY feather "kits", with loose vials of feather filaments, base coat and top-coat. So they still have some exclusive feathery offerings.

Are Invogue being profoundly cheeky to nab Nails Inc's feather idea and sell at a cheaper price? Or is all fair in love and capitalism? The Nails Inc bottles are certainly prettier and more covetable, but even if I had £44 to spend on feather polishes I doubt I'd be persuaded just on packaging. I feel kind of uneasy about how closely Invogue have modelled their colour choices on Nails Inc's, but maybe, as with the rash of magnetic polishes last year, the manufacturer who supplies these polishes only produces a set few mixes.

Who knows.

As for the Invogue polish itself, I can't fault it. The pictures here show 3 coats over a clear base coat, and as you can see there are plenty of filaments packed into the formula. Application is more of a "dab" than a "drag" affair, but even with a relatively casual approach you still get good coverage after the second coat. The finish is bumpy, though not snag-your-tights bumpy like some of the more audacious glitters out there. I added a couple of coats of Mavadry to even things out a bit.

Removal is hellish, and results in a shower of tiny coloured bars all over you, your clothes etc. I strongly recommend the tinfoil method for getting this stuff off without scratching up your nails.

I haven't tried any of the Nails Inc feather polishes. They cost £11 each... and I'm not made of money.

Invogue feather polishes, £3.49 each at Superdrug


  1. ...Well I'll be buying all of these now :P

  2. I must i must try this polish. Never mind that it takes ages to take off, so many of the glittery ones do as well, but what a cool effect. So very spring.

    1. It is nice! Apparently Barry M have some sprinkly polishes on the way in June too.

  3. I like this, looks almost 3D. Reminds me of that massive purple feathered jacket Bianca used to wear in Eastenders.


    1. Hello Rham, nice to hear from you. Yes, that jacket, who could forget...


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