Friday, 19 April 2013

Lars Wallin at The Makeup Store

This will be a picture-based post, mainly because I know next to nothing about this makeup that I found in The Makeup Store in Covent Garden this week. Some googling reveals that Lars Wallin is a Swedish designer, and the makeup is called Make It Your Own.

I quizzed the SA in the store but she couldn't tell me much. I can tell you that there are eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks, all costing £9.50 each and presented in the same format - a mirrored compact within a little snap-closure Paisley print purse housed in a brown cardboard box. Here's a sly smartphone snap of the store display.

The presentation is absolutely wonderful, and there's lovely attention to detail, from the tactile embossed lid of the compact to the stitching on the inside of the purse. It feels much more premium than the £9.50 price tag might suggest.

I chose a lipstick, Cassandra, which is a darkish cool pink. It's pretty... lipsticky. I mean, it's nice, but the formula is not really the point with this brand, I feel.

Have you tried Lars Wallin makeup? Can you fill us in any more on the brand?

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