Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BUY THIS NOW: Macadamia No Tangle Pre Styler

This unassuming green bottle is my new favourite hair product.  It's from the Macadamia range, which uses macadamia and argan oils to rejuvenate the hair and maintain a glossy, swishy mane.  Branded the No Tangle Pre Styler, it claims to moisturise the hair and eliminate tangles whilst aiding the styling process.

And bloody hell, it does all this and more.

You spray it generously over the hair before blow drying, and indeed, the light silky oil helps to eliminate tangles and make combing a breeze.  I was worried that generously applying an oil based product would result in greasiness, but it's actually a very light product which doesn't weigh the hair down or make it oily.

After blowdrying, my hair is amazingly soft, silky, bouncy and shiny.  I rarely put a lot of effort into blowdries; more often than not I aim for something not too frizzy with a bit of volume.  This stuff, though, boosts my low-effort blowdry so my hair ends up perfectly smooth afterwards.  Truly impressive stuff.

A small 100ml bottle costs a mere £8, with the larger 250ml bottle costing around £16.  A price well worth paying - and once I'm through the small bottle I bought to test this product out, I'll definitely be buying a larger bottle.

You'll find Macadamia's No Tangle Pre Styler at BeautyBay now.

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds amazing... Wonder if it will work on my Medusa hair.


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