Saturday, 13 April 2013

Bargain bin rescue find: Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts

I found the entire Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll range at 1/3 off in Boots a couple of weeks ago. Bargainous... but also ominous, implying that the range is not long for this world, at least in the branch of Boots I visited. This made me a little sad, because the idea of a makeup range designed just for pale skin is a really good one, and the execution rather lovely too. Remember the documentary about Nicola creating the range?

First released in 2008, Dainty Doll didn't quite set the makeup world alight. But it was given a shot in the arm with a 2010 re-launch, featuring more colours and products, along with an updated version of its sleek black packaging decorated with the eponymous redheaded doll. Both iterations have hinged on the foundation and concealer shades, which come in the palest of pale colours.

In a market still saturated with orange from drugstore stand to high-end counter, it's been nice to have Dainty Doll around, especially for pasty Brits in the winter months.

Here's Wonderbalm, a generously proportioned lip/cuticle/dry-patch salve which smells of honey and is ever so slightly shimmery. The tub is solidly built, with a smooth hinge and high-quality mirror. RRP: £20

And here's Hippy Shake, the palest of the Dainty Doll blushes, so light it borders on highlighter territory. It also has a very subtle shimmer. It comes in a large black compact, also with strong construction and good mirror. RRP £13.50

Have you seen any ominously discounted Dainty Doll lately? And if not, have you tried the range? It's worth checking out, especially as it may not be around forever.


  1. Its been on sale at Amazon and cosmetic discounters for quite a few months now

  2. @flintaxe (Amanda) here. Sadly it's being sold off cheaply on Amazon and on Fragrance Direct where I picked up some pieces for 1.99.

  3. I ordered quite a few Dainty Doll products from fragrance direct as they were all only £1.99! I couldn't resist trying them.

  4. I just got a bunch of Dainty Doll from Fragrance Direct for under £3 each. So yeah it seems like it might be being discontinued :( I'm really sad about it! The lightest shade fits me so well!


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