Saturday, 23 March 2013

Topshop Lost In Time eyeshadow palette EOTD

Nowadays, no trip to Topshop is complete without a sly appraisal of the latest bits and pieces in the makeup area. The Topshop beauty line always manages to tempt me - there's something about their well-edited range of colours and finishes, along with the distinctive chalk-on-a-blackboard packaging, that's just... well, stylish. (Which I suppose shouldn't be a surprise given that stylishness is their whole shtick.)

Anyway, the 8-shade Lost In Time eyeshadow palette made its way home with me last time I went to Topshop, and I have been acquainting myself with its various shimmery shades over the last week.

My thoughts on this palette are mixed. On the one hand I love the sleek casing with its star-covered lid, and the colours in the line-up look very inspiring sitting next to each other - I especially love that taupe there, third from the right. But on the other hand, the quality is not quite up there with the best eyeshadow-players in the mass market - the two palest colours in particular don't deliver on their highlightery promise, and manage to be both sparse and gritty. The darker colours payoff better, and surprisingly it's the two matte shades, the black and the brown, that deliver the best results.

I've worn a few of the shades in different combinations and they do play very well together, but I think part of the reason is the general lack of payoff - it's easy for colours to combine well when they aren't actually that colourful.

Here are a couple of EOTD shots using the two taupes and just a little touch of the blue.

For £16, I can't wholeheartedly recommend this palette, but I do like the concept of it very much. It's just that in execution it doesn't quite deliver 100%.

You can find this in Topshop stores with a beauty concession, and at Topshop's website, where it will set you back £16 for a total of 8g of product.

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  1. I'm not a massive fan of Topshop make up, but I love their nail polishes and always buy a few when I go in there. :)


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