Friday, 29 March 2013

Review: YSL Babydoll Mascara in Indiscreet Purple

Meet YSL's latest mascara, Babydoll.  Encased in the classic YSL golden packaging emblazoned with a lipstick red "babydoll" moniker, it certainly looks and feels luxe.

This is the Indiscreet Purple variety, and whilst it's definitely purple, it's not quite as noticeably purple as some other coloured mascaras I've tried.  

The brush is one of those flexible plastic thingies, with small pointy bristles for a really well defined look.  The brush itself is also very flexible - the base of the brush head flexes freely to allow you to wiggle the brush from root to tip with ease.

On the lashes, Babydoll gives a lovely defined look with plenty of length and volume.  The purple shade is pretty subtle - it doesn't really stand out and serves to enhance the eye colour more than really adding colour to the look.

It lasts pretty well too - I notice a little bit of flaking after around 12 hours, particularly from the lower lashes, so in future I'll use it on my top lashes only.  The ease of application and the pretty, fluttery, voluminous look is fabulous - and it's great that YSL are releasing it in four shades; black, brown and blue as well as this violet shade.

Find it at YSL counters from May 22nd, and will cost £24.50.

Disclosure: PR sample

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