Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation & Pressed Powder

Nearly Naked is Revlon's latest base launch, claiming to give buildable coverage with a lightweight texture and super natural finish.  The foundation is available in ten shades with a matching pressed powder available in five shades.

First things first, I wish the foundation had a pump.  The wide necked bottle requires you to pour the foundation out onto your fingertips, which is a recipe for overdoing it, in my book.  I've found that putting my fingertips over the mouth of the bottle and tipping it upside down quickly is the best way to get a little bit of foundation at a time.

Otherwise, though, the foundation and powder together really do give a great natural looking finish.  The foundation blends over the skin easily and sets down to finish which is matte-ish, with enough of a sheen to it to look very much like bare skin.  I did find that I had to moisturise well before application, or the foundation settles into pores and looks a little dry.  

When set with the powder, the foundation lasts pretty well on my combination skin - around 10 hours ish with only a bit of oil breaking through towards the six hour mark.  I really, really like the finish of Nearly Naked.  It looks natural and undetectable, and feels very lightweight to boot.  The fact that there's SPF20 in there is impressive, particularly given the light, fluid texture.

I'm wearing Vanilla, the second lightest shade, so if you're pale there's definitely a shade for you - the darkest shade is reassuringly deep, but given that only ten shades are available in the UK (compared to fifteen in the US), deeper and warmer skintones may struggle to find a good match.

Overall, this stuff is damn impressive - particularly when you consider that the foundation costs a mere £8.99.  The powder is £7.99, and whilst it's a nice way to set the foundation, it's not a must have - any setting powder will do much the same job.  The foundation is the real killer.

Find Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation and Nearly Naked pressed powder now at Boots.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. I just bought this last week and I LOVE it! I cant wait to do a review


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