Thursday, 7 March 2013

Review: Marks and Spencer Autograph Pure Luxe Bronzing Powder

As well as playing host to a beauty emporium stuffed with exclusive brands such as Nuxe, Apivita and Philip Kingsley, M&S are releasing some pretty impressive products in their own-brand lines too.  This Autograph bronzer is a new release for spring/summer 2013, and features a pretty embossed brick print.

The bronzing powder claims to have a texture that blends the best of powders, creams, baked and fluid finishes - not too dissimilar to the gelee texture Estee Lauder have been using for their recent high-tech bronzers and blushers.  The texture is very soft, but doesn't have the same weird yielding feeling that the Estee products had.

Colour wise, this bronze has a fairly strong orange undertone - this means that if you're pale or cool toned, you need to apply very carefully to avoid looking like a tangerine.  

The above photo shows a very light application under the cheekbones, which gives a bit of definition and colour to the face.  Any more than this and I expect I would look a little bit too orange.

All in all, this is a pretty bronzer which certainly looks more luxe than it's £14 pricepoint.  The colour is a little too orange and warm for my liking, but those with deeper and warmer skin tones would find it more palatable.  Find Autograph's Pure Luxe Bronzing Powder now at Marks and Spencer.

Disclosure: PR sample

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