Friday, 8 March 2013

Quick Pick: Morrocanoil

I'm just about to order my third bottle of Moroccanoil, so I figure it deserves a bit of a shout-out. This much-copied oil for hair turbo-charged the trend for all things Argan and Morocco-related a few years back, and is still a popular player, appearing in a many a hairdressers' window. I use the original version, rather than the "light" one, and I like it...

a) because of its smell, which is sweetly fruity, zesty and refreshing - nothing like actual argan oil (which smells kind of nutty and stale, like weird peanut butter)

b) because it significantly cuts down blowdrying time. My hair isn't especially thick, but anything that can reduce the amount of time I have to spend blasting hot air at it is good stuff in my book

Moroccanoil is not cheap, costing around £30 for 100ml, but you use it like a hair serum, adding just a couple of drops to damp hair after washing. So it lasts a decent amount of time.

I bought my last bottle from Feelunique, where it costs £30.45 including delivery

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  1. I agree, this product lasts forever. I have thick curly hair and a sample bottle lasts me nearly a year!!!


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