Monday, 11 March 2013

Quick Pick: Clinique Blush Brush

This Clinique blush brush sat unloved in the bottom of my to-try bag for a fair old while before I dug it out the other day.  I've got mixed feelings about it - it's got a lovely long handle, soft bristles tapered in a great shape, but it's also densely bristled to the extent that it deposits quite a bit of colour on the skin with one swipe.  Great when you're expecting it, but not so great when you're blearily trying to get a bit of colour into your cheeks early in the morning.  

With a practiced hand and a light dip of the brush into your blush, this is a great way to precisely apply colour to the cheeks.  Find it at Clinique counters and online at their website, where it costs £17.

Disclosure: PR sample

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