Sunday, 3 February 2013

Steer Clear: The Sanctuary Ultimate Cleansing Oil

Passing Boots on a Thursday night, I decided to pop in and buy a new bottle of cleansing oil, as my bumper Shu Uemura bottle had finally kicked the bucket.  I was really surprised to find that there was only one cleansing oil in the whole shop: the Sanctuary's Ultimate Cleansing Oil.  It claims a three in one action - it dissolves makeup, purifies the skin, and moisturises.

I slathered a pump's worth of the oil over my face that night, glad to be using an oil again, particularly as I was wearing waterproof mascara.  You can imagine my horror when my face immediately started turning red and hot, clearly disagreeing with something in the formula.  I wet my hands and rubbed them over my face, expecting the oil to emulsify and rinse off - but no, instead of getting thinner in texture, the oil seemed to become thicker and more unctuous with the addition of water.  It took me three or four rinses to get the oil to loosen and rinse off, and by the time I was done my face was red and burning hot.

I don't often react to skincare products, and I've yet to find a cleansing oil my skin has hated so much.  I tried it again the night after to see if it was a one time reaction, and whilst my skin didn't flare up and go red, I still found it incredibly difficult to remove the oil from my skin.  Having now read the ingredients, it seems that mineral oil is one of the main components of the oil - which might go some way towards explaining my skin's reaction and the heaviness of it.

This one's going straight in the recycling box, and I went straight back out and bought some Origins Clean Energy oil instead.  If you want to risk try the Sanctuary's Ultimate Cleansing Oil for yourself, you'll find it at Boots, where it'll cost you £13.


  1. Oh man, that does not sound good. I find Sanctury products can be a little over powering in general.


  2. oh no! it's awful when you have a reaction like that. I try to avoid products with mineral oil in, so definitely won't be trying this one!

  3. what a shame your skin reacted, but it doesn't sound like a great oil. :( x

  4. Yikes! I feel your pain - can't use any Sanctuary products at all - always feel like I'm experiencing a violent tingle afterwards. Really want to find a cheaper alternative to the Nude cleansing oil though...

  5. If you ever find yourself desperate for cleansing oil in boots again, try the No7 beautiful skin cleansing gel in a tube. Comes out as a gel, turns into oil on your dry face, washes off like a dream and it's very gentle.


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