Monday, 11 February 2013

Review: Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Makeup

I gave up on mineral makeup a long time ago, mostly because of the mess and fuss associated with trying to get a loose powder buffed into my face and not spilled down the front of my black dress.  So I was quite pleased when I was sent this Pur mineral compact, which gives you all the benefits of a loose mineral makeup but in a portable pressed compact.

Firstly, a word on the packaging.  The compact itself is functional yet pretty with its embossed Pur logo and flower-dot design.  It's made of weighty plastic, and the compact itself is quite thick, giving the powder within a fair bit of solid plastic between it and the contents of your handbag (or foundation drawer).

It also boasts a decent sized mirror.  The brush pictured above is the Pur Minerals Chisel brush, which has a flat top and reasonably firm natural bristles.  Application is the usual mineral drill: swirl to pick up powder, buff into face using circular movements.  Repeat for more coverage.  

The Porcelain shade matches my skin perfectly, being a pale creamy colour which leans neither too cool nor too warm.  The single layer I applied blended easily into my skin, and left a reasonably matte natural finish which just seems to bounce light around in a very flattering way.  I have found that if my skin isn't well moisturised before applying the foundation, I can end up with powdery looking dry patches, and that my frown lines are accentuated.  This is easily solved by moisturising well five minutes before application, or using a silicone primer to help the powder glide over the skin.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with Pur Minerals Pressed Mineral Makeup.  The finish is good (if you like matte), coverage is buildable, and it contains physical sun protection of SPF15.  At £24 for 8g, it is quite an expensive option, but if you're looking for portable minerals with a great finish, it's a price worth paying - and it's worth noting that it's a little cheaper than the equivalent Bare Minerals loose makeup (which is £25 for 8g).  At £13, the brush is reasonable value, but if you've got a kabuki or flat top brush in your collection already, it's by no means essential.

Find Pur Minerals 4 in 1 Pressed Mineral Makeup at Marks and Spencer now.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. Which lipstick you are wearing?

    1. It's an NYX Matte Lip Cream - there'll be a review up shortly :)

  2. The pur minerals mineral foundation looks fab on you. Have you had any itching or breakouts from it after repeated uses? You appear to have a lovely clear complexion so I'm wondering if this foundation would have enough coverage to hide a few broken capillaries on the cheek and nostrils without appearing caked on? Also gorgeous blush you have on, what brand & shade is it? thx :-)

  3. Hi, the pur minerals looks fab on you, any issues with irritation or breakouts after repeated uses over time? do you think this would give enough coverage to conceal some minor broken capillaries on the cheek and nostrils without looking caked on? you appear to have a lovely clear complexion. Gorgeous blush you have on, what shade & brand is it? :-)

    1. It can appear a bit powdery if you overapply and I've actually found I prefer buffing on with a duo fibre brush - the chisel brush supplied with the foundation is good for coverage but can make it easy to overapply.

      The blush is Benefit Fine One One :)


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