Thursday, 14 February 2013

Review: Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

I recently bought this Aveda shampoo and conditioner duo in an effort to reduce the amount I have to wash my hair; at the moment, I wash it every two to three days (with lots of Batiste in the last day).  Given that it's been falling out at an alarming rate, I want to avoid causing lots of shedding by washing it frequently.

Anyway, back to the products: I was recommended these by a lovely Aveda sales assistant at Peter Jones in Sloane Square.  The Rosemary Mint range is one of Aveda's long running, classic scents, and it's so popular that you can also get it in a hand & body wash or body lotion.  The mint aspect of the fragrance is very fresh, and is very powerful and refreshing when lathering the shampoo up in the hair.  The rosemary isn't particularly strong, but does temper the mint down so it's not smacking you in the face every time you use it.

The shampoo lathers easily despite the absence of SLS, although you do need a little more than you do with a "regular" shampoo.  I wouldn't say that it's harsh, but it does give a very deep clean, and if your hair is dry at the roots this definitely isn't a good fit for you.  For those with fine/normal/slightly oily hair, it's pretty damn good - the hair feels cleansed, light, and soft.  The conditioner and I don't really get along, unfortunately - like the shampoo, it's light and refreshing, and just isn't moisturising enough for my dry mid lengths and ends.

I'll definitely be buying the shampoo again.  It's seriously refreshing and it does keep my hair light and clean for longer.  The conditioner will be handed off to my husband, whose fine, flyaway hair needs minimal conditioning.

You'll find Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner at the Aveda website, where this 250ml bottle of shampoo costs £12, and the 250ml bottle of conditioner costs £13.50.

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