Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Review: Apivita Propoline Citrus and Honey Shampoo

Apivita's Propoline shampoo range boasts 88% natural ingredients, and is free of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and all the other slightly frowned upon ingredients.  This one, Citrus and Honey, is bursting with lemon, grapefruit and orange, which make it smell amazing, and apparently help to give great shine too.  The honey is there to add moisture, alongside panthenol and a "bio cotton protection system" (whatever that means).

One thing is does include is Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is a relatively drying surfectant used to cleanse the hair and provide lather.  Some people find this ingredient too hash for their hair, and I find that using shampoos with it causes my hair colour to fade more quickly.  Given the amount of care Apivita put into the ingredients in their products, I'm not sure why they've not chosen something more kind to hair.  It does decrease the chance of me repurchasing this shampoo.

Anyway, ingredient qualms aside, this shampoo does what it says on the bottle.  Hair is left clean and light, but not stripped of moisture.  Unfortunately the scent doesn't remain on the hair, but it does make for a very pleasant washing experience at least!

You'll find Apivita's Propoline Citrus and Honey Shampoo at M&S, where it costs £13 for 250ml.  Or, you can buy it directly from Apivita's website, where it's cheaper at €10.80.

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