Thursday, 7 February 2013

NOTD: Model's Own Southern Lights (Wonderland Collection)

I've not seen a lot of buzz about Model's Own's latest Wonderland collection, perhaps because the world is still so excited about the heavy glitter of the Mirrorball collection, and still loving the duochrome shades of Beetlejuice.  Wonderland is just a pretty, though - only a little more subtle.  It's made of wintery pale shades with hefty doses of ethereal glitter and holographic sparkle.  Southern Lights is one of the two holographic shades in the collection - I've also bought Northern Lights, it's pink counterpart, so expect swatches of that soon.

Southern Lights is a gorgeous light lilac/silver shade with a hell of a lot of holographic sparkle.  It catches the light beautifully, and in direct light (natural or artificial), it fizzes with multi-coloured sparks.  It's very eye-catching, and satisfies my need for twinkly nails perfectly.

Unfortunately, application was a bit gloopy, and I had to work carefully and quickly to make sure my nails were evenly coated with polish.  Two fairly thick coats give great opacity, although due to the thickness of the polish I did notice pooling and often ended up painting bits of my cuticles too.  I'm curious to see how it looks over another base colour, as well as layered up on its own.

Find it at Model's Own stockists, or on the Model's Own website, where it'll cost you a very reasonable £5. I bought it at the Bottle Shop at Westfield, as part of a highly bargain-tastic 6 polishes for £20 deal.  As if I needed any more polish...

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