Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lip of the Day: Burberry Lip Mist in Rosy Red

This rather lovely red is Burberry Lip Mist lipstick in Rosy Red.  I've tried Burberry lipsticks before - typically the more pigmented Lip Velvet (matte) and Lip Cover (creamy opaque colour) types.  This is my first Lip Mist, which is billed as a sheer lipstick.  Much like the "sheer" eyeshadows, this isn't a typically sheer lipstick; it has a fair bit of pigment to it, but it appears soft, juicy and non-scary on the lip.  The swatch above shows a single pass over the lips.

Packaging as usual is gorgeous, with the satisfying magnetic click when you put the lid back on.  The colour itself is glorious - a soft, wearable red which doesn't overwhelm the face and fades to a very gentle rosy flush after a few hours.  It's packed full of moisture, feels plush and comfy on the lips, and eventually fades to nothingness without leaving behind a ring of death.

It's love.  I'm definitely going to check out more Lip Mist shades - I can imagine the soft juicy texture working well with a really deep vampy scarlet.  Yum.

Find it at Harrods, where it will cost you a spendy (but totally worth it if you're a lipstick junkie) £23.

Disclosure: PR sample

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  1. So pretty!! I really love sheer lipsticks right now - it's great to not really have the responsibility of checking on your lipstick after eating for, like you said it, the "ring of death". Great shade on you!


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