Friday, 1 February 2013

FOTD: Iris Blossom with Clarins Spring 2013


Now I've shown you a few products from the Clarins Spring 2013 lineup, I thought I'd show you how it all fits together.  In the above photo, I'm wearing the Iris Blossom eye palette and the Palette Eclat powder (all over my face and as blush), as well as Sweet Plum Joli Rouge lipstick.

The eyeshadow palette is lovely, making for a subtle smoky look which is totally daytime appropriate and which is super flattering on my hazel eyes.  I'm less keen on the Palette Eclat - I suspect it might be a tiny bit too dark for use as a powder for me.  It does give a lovely refined texture to the skin and a soft, gentle glow, though, so it's a shame that it's a little too deep.  Less pale-n-pasty girls may find this a lovely finishing powder.  As a blush, it's okay - I had to swipe pretty heavily over the pinkish strips in the palette, which is fine- but there's probably no point owning it as a blush in its own right.

And here are some eye closeups...

Those eye shades are really lovely.  They're not over the top sparkly, but have a sheen to them that gives dimension and depth without glitter.  The Iris Blossom palette is definitely the stand out for me - although I have to say I absolutely love the Sweet Plum Joli Rouge!

Disclosure: PR samples

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