Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Review: Lush Fun

This squishy bar of red goodness is one of Lush's biggest launches of last year: Fun.  Calling a product 'Fun' is a surefire way to generate high expectations - and with this malleable, brightly coloured and scented soap product, Lush have created something which really is fun.  Particularly for kids.

I picked up the red version during a recent visit to the company's Kings Road store, which is located dangerously near to my office.  It smells of mandarin and orange, very summery; I was told that it's actually one of the least popular shades, perhaps because I bought it in the autumn - I can see it becoming more popular as the days get longer and the sun gets brighter.

My stepkids particularly like playing with it in the bath: the prospect of washing is apparently more appealing when you can make shapes out of the soap.  As well as being a useful child-occupying body wash, you can also use Fun as a bath foam (by crumbling it under running water), although the bubbles are a little short lived for my liking.  It really comes into its own as a washing product, in my mind.

At £5 a bar, though, it's a pretty expensive wash - paticularly if you give large chunks to a child to play with.  I also kinda regret having to pay that kind of money for something which is made of talc, cornflour, glycerine and a surfectant - I reckon it wouldn't be too difficult to knock up yourself, if you're interested in cosmetic making. So, whilst it's definitely a Fun, novel product, I'm not sure it's something that'll end up being a regular fixture in my bathroom.

Find it at Lush, where it costs £5, and will be nestling next to its green, blue, pink and yellow friends.  Try to ignore the fact that the photos make it look a bit like colourful poo!

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  1. I was very tempted by this when I visited Lush at the weekend although I did think £5 was a little steep for a squishy bar of soap! x


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