Monday, 7 January 2013

Quick Pick: Elemis FreshSkin Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser

Elemis FreshSkin is a range aimed at younger skin - from teens to twenties, according to the Elemis website. When I first head about the range, I thought it sat a little at odds with Elemis as a brand - they're all about effective luxurious products with high end ingredients.  And indeed, at £20, I'm not too sure how this daily moisturiser lines up against the average teenager's wallet.  

Doubts about the targeting of the range aside, the Softly Softly daily moisturiser is a real gem of a product.  I tend to use my hardcore rich anti-aging stuff at night, and like something lighter and more simple for daytime - and this non-greasy cream is absolutely perfect for daytime wear.  Scented with lavender, it's wonderfully hydrating (I can almost feel my skin sucking up all the moisture), but not too heavy - a drop spreads easily over the skin and is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft.  There's a little bit of residue left over but it absorbs after a few minutes - I use it to help blend drier foundations quickly over my skin.

I also really love the packaging - it's a sealed pump dispenser affair, and there's absolutely no way any bacteria or other contaminants can get into the product.  A gentle press on the top dispenses just enough moisturiser for the face and neck.  Lovely stuff.

Find it at official Elemis stockists Time to Spa, where a 50ml tube will set you back £20.

Disclosure: PR sample

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