Sunday, 27 January 2013

Poetic Licence Backlash Heels

A bit off topic today, but hey - these shoes are (in my eyes) beautiful, and the heels give me enough of a swagger to go very well with my red lipstick.  These yellow beauties are from Poetic Licence, who make shoes that are quirky, but not quite as all-out mad as their sister brand, Irregular Choice.  I bought them just after Christmas from an outlet store that specialises in Irregular Choice and Poetic Licence footwear.

I absolutely love the contrast between the yellow leather and the brightly floral fabric print.  The scallop effect between the two just highlights that contrast, and the bright yellow satin laces make for a really eye catching shoe.  I absolutely love them.

The heel is a reasonable height and whilst they're a little too tall for commuting for my feet, they're fine for a day of walking around the office.  More seasoned heel-wearers might find them totally fine, though - they're only 2.5 inches.  I always get compliments when I wear these... and they make me incredibly happy when I wear them.

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