Sunday, 6 January 2013

NOTD: Model's Own Purple Haze

If you like a bit of sparkle, this Model's Own glitter should be right up your proverbial street.  Purple Haze is an intensely sparkly Dairy Milk wrapper purple - and the reason it's so twinkly is that it's made up of multi-tonal purple glitter in a clear base.  Three coats gives incredible opacity and a look that catches the light in a major way.

Application is a little bit gloopy, as you might imagine with something with this density of glitter particles.  Three coats also took a little while to dry, despite a thick coat of speed-dry topcoat - I messed up one nail by stroking it to see if it was dry and actually ended up stretching the polish off the end of my nail.  Weird.  Surprisingly, Purple Rain feels pretty smooth after a bit of topcoat - probably because the glitter is quite fine.

I can only imagine the pain I'm going to feel when I come to remove it.

Find it at the Model's Own website, where it'll cost you a totally bargainous £5.

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