Friday, 25 January 2013

Clarins Spring 2013: Gloss Prodige in Water Lily and Vibrant Rose

These pretty pinks are part of Clarins' spring 2013 collection.  Gloss Prodige is described as a new generation gloss, providing intense shine, pigmented colour, and lasting hold.  I was particularly interested to try them because of their flavour - they're flavoured with blackberry and liquorice, which sounds a little disgusting to me because I absolutely hate liquorice.  I was pleasantly surprised by the real thing - they don't taste or smell of liquorice at all, rather sweet, juicy and fruity with a little bit of a kick.  Nice, but definitely strongly flavoured - if you don't like a scent to your gloss, you might struggle with these.

Anyway, before I spend an entire post waffling on about the taste of a lipgloss rather than how it looks, here are some swatches.

Intense Rose

Water Lily
As you can see, these glosses are pretty damn shiny - the light just bounces off them.  Intense Rose has a bucketload of fine hot pink glitter with a blue flash, and the combination of that sparkle and that lacquered shine results in an attention grabbing statement lip.  Water Lily is softer, being a creamy pink with no sparkle, but it's certainly not subtle.

The application of these glosses is incredibly smooth - they have that slippy, cushion-y texture that glides onto the lips and feels wonderful on.  You know, that texture that leaves your lips sliding off each other should you rub them together or worse, try to kiss someone.  Despite the texture, the gloss actually holds on reasonably well - the initial SUPERSHINE dies down after half an hour or so, and you're left with a slightly more natural result for another hour.  So, better than many glosses, still not as good as a lipstick (nothing beats lipstick for me).

At £15.50 each, these glosses aren't cheap - but if you like your gloss intensely flavoured, ultra shiny, and with more hold than your average gloss, they might be worth investing in.  Find them at Clarins in-store and online now.

Disclosure: PR sample


  1. Water Lily is the kind of solor I would definitely go for. So pretty for Spring.

  2. They're gorgeous on you! I especially like the Intense Rose. :) xx

    1. Thankyou! Intense Rose has such a gorgeous sparkle to it :)


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